10+ Best Things To Look For In Online Fitness Classes (Important)

Online Fitness Classes
Online Fitness Classes

I know that the current global pandemic has made working out a little more difficult. Gyms are closed, and classes at public facilities have been canceled. Luckily there are lots of online options available while gyms remain closed. I’ve been exploring several different options recently and want to share some tips on how best to find the right online classes for you.

What To Look For In Online Fitness Classes?

  • Find classes that are led by professionals.
  • Flexibility to workout anytime, anywhere.
  • Wider access to trainers and instructors.
  • Consider which online platform the classes use.
  • Look for ways to stay connected with other people who are taking the class.
  • Choose classes of different lengths and intensities.
  • Ask questions and get feedback.
  • Try several classes to find ones where you feel comfortable and have fun.
  • One-to-one guidance from expert trainers.
  • Make sure the videos are clear and up-to-date.
  • Increase your availability for one on one sessions.

Find Classes That Are Led By Professionals.

Online Fitness Classes

Look for classes that are led by professionals. This is a no-brainer, but worth repeating. If you’re going to be paying someone to teach you these movements, it would be nice if they had some semblance of experience and training in the field.

The difference between an amateur class and one led by a professional can be immediately apparent—the quality of instruction will vary greatly from class to class, as will the level of difficulty and expertise demonstrated by each instructor. If you find yourself wondering how many times your teacher has done this exact exercise before versus how many times they did something else last week or what their favorite type of music is, then chances are good that they aren’t an expert on whatever topic they’re teaching (and if they were truly passionate about what they were talking about then this wouldn’t matter).

Ask Questions And Get Feedback.

Online Fitness Classes
  • Ask questions! If you are confused about something, or if you are having a tough time with an exercise, ask for clarification. A good trainer will be happy to explain how the exercise is supposed to work and how it can be modified for your needs.
  • Get some feedback! Good trainers also welcome feedback from their clients—they want everyone who works out at their gym to get results and feel good about themselves, so they’ll want to know what is working for you and what isn’t working as well as possible. Asking questions doesn’t just let them know what kind of experience you want; it also gives them the chance to offer helpful tips or advice based on their expertise in fitness training.

One To One Guidance From Expert Trainers

Online Fitness Classes

The best fitness classes offer one-on-one guidance from expert trainers.

A good trainer can help you get the most out of your workout, whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up. A good trainer will know what exercises work best for your goals and will be able to advise on nutrition, supplements, and other aspects of fitness that might not be obvious.

Increase Your Availability For One On One Sessions

  • Increase your availability for one on one sessions.
  • Stay motivated by remaining accountable to yourself and others.
  • Stay committed by setting doable goals, such as committing to going to the gym three times a week or making sure you complete all of the exercises in a class before you sign out of the lesson.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, it is best if your trainer can help keep track of your progress and offer nutritional advice based on what kind of fitness goals you have set for yourself.
  • Avoid distractions like phones and TVs when working out so that you can stay focused on what is being taught during classes or personal training sessions with trainers from Horizon Fitness.

Make Sure The Videos Are Clear And Up-To-Date.

Online Fitness Classes
  • Make sure the videos are clear and up-to-date.
  • Make sure they’re of high quality.
  • Make sure they’re easy to follow.
  • Make sure they’re easy to understand.
  • Make sure they’re easy to access: through an internet connection, on your phone or tablet, on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu—or all four! Anything else will make you feel like you’re trying to figure out why this giant orb has been following you around since college (and no, it isn’t just because).

Flexibility To Workout Anytime, Anywhere

The Internet gives you the freedom to work out any time, anywhere. No longer are you limited by the hours of a gym or studio—you can do your workout in the morning, in the evening, or on weekends. You have no excuse not to get it done! It doesn’t matter if your workout takes place at home, at the gym, or even while traveling (yes!). And there’s no need to limit yourself to only one type of workout either; with so many options available online today it’s easy to mix things up and keep things fresh.

You’ll never run out of new exercises either: many apps allow users to create their routines based on whatever goals they have in mind (usually weight loss). Plus they provide instructions for each exercise as well as tips on how best to prepare yourself for success (i.e., stretching). This way users don’t have to worry about trying something new that might cause injury or discomfort instead focus solely on results-oriented training methods!

Consider Which Online Platform The Classes Use.

You want to be able to access your online fitness classes with as little effort as possible. This means finding a platform that’s easy to use, whether you’re accessing it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

While some platforms might be better than others in certain ways, they all boil down to the same basic functionality: they allow you to stream videos and audio files from a central location. You can also download them so that they don’t require an internet connection (and if one is available).

Wider Access To Trainers And Instructors

You’ll be able to find a trainer, instructor, coach, mentor, or teacher who fits your needs and schedule. If you want to sign up for an online class at the last minute (or at all!) it can be harder than it seems. You may have to go out of your way to make sure that the class will still be offered when you get there because if it isn’t already full then someone else could swoop in and sign up instead.

But with online classes, there are no such problems! You can just log on whenever suits your schedule and take advantage of their wide array of offerings whether they’re early risers like yourself or late-night owls like me!

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Choose Classes Of Different Lengths And Intensities.

Once you’ve decided which online fitness class is right for you, it’s time to pick the length of each class. Some people will be comfortable with a shorter workout if they don’t want to spend a lot of time on the couch—or if they’re already getting enough exercise through their daily routine. Others may prefer longer workouts if they want to make sure they’re working hard and challenging themselves with each session.

Choosing an appropriate intensity level is also important because every person has different goals and expectations when it comes to their workout plan. You’ll need to determine whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, how quickly that should happen, and what type of movements will help achieve those goals best. Once again, some people find short workouts are enough for their needs while others feel like long workouts are necessary for optimal results; however, both can be effective depending on what kind of fitness level one starts with before joining an online community full-time!

Try Several Classes To Find Ones Where You Feel Comfortable And Have Fun.

Try several classes to find ones where you feel comfortable and have fun. Try out different trainers to see what you like, try out different instructors to see what you like, and try out different classes to see what works for you. As a beginner, it’s important for me not only to learn the moves but also how my body responds to them.

Look for Ways To Stay Connected With Other People Who Are Taking The Class.

You want to be able to connect with other people who are taking the class, whether it’s through live chat options, discussion forums, video chat, or even just an online fitness group. I’ve found that having a sense of community while you exercise can make all the difference in your results—it’s why I started my own Facebook group for women who have taken my classes.

Taking Classes Online Can Be A Good Way To Exercise During A Global Pandemic.

As the world continues to be ravaged by a pandemic that is causing people to become more physically active, the best way to stay healthy during this time is to take fitness classes online. While you may not have any physical coaches present in your home, these classes can still help you get in shape.

If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to go out of the house for a workout, consider taking an online class instead. You’ll still get all the benefits of being outside while staying at home!


We hope we have helped you decide if online fitness classes are right for you. Whether you are looking to try something new or stick with what you know, there is a class out there to suit every taste and need. With the help of our recommendations and tips, we hope that taking online classes will be a great way for people everywhere to stay fit during these trying times of social distancing.


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